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Deno: Experiments with JavaScript and TypeScript

11 years have passed since Node.js brought JavaScript to the server-side. As Node.js was gaining momentum and becoming one of the most popular server platforms, JavaScript itself continued to evolve in its own independent direction. Furthermore, with TypeScript, Go and Rust joining the game, new ideas have appeared to challenge some of the initial design decisions of Node.js. In late 2018, Ryan Dahl, the creator of Node.js, announced Deno, a new JavaScript/TypeScript runtime, aiming to offer some solutions to common Node.js problems, provide better security and browser compatibility, etc.

In this talk, I will give an in-depth introduction about Deno itself, how Deno deals with challenges differently from Node.js, and how Deno takes advantage of what is new in JavaScript and TypeScript. I will also discuss its internals, experiments, and how you can try it out or contribute to its development.

Kevin Qian
Core Team Member, Deno