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Processing messages with Kinesis and Spring Cloud Stream

Kevin Grainer
Consultant, Chariot Solutions

Spring cloud stream offers a spring integration style library for processing stream data. Streams have become popular due to their flexible durability settings, replay ability, and bandwidth. AWS offers a hosted solution in Kinesis.

A sample spring boot application is used to show how to use Spring Cloud Stream for processing messages from a kinesis stream. The spring application handles student enrollment and status for a martial arts studio. Student enrollment messages can be processed online using a rest endpoint. The customer wishes to bulk process student enrollment messages from a text file.

The system is hosted in the AWS cloud, so we decide to use a Kinesis stream for bulk messaging to the system. Spring Cloud-Stream allows us to bind services to streams for processing this data. The talk walks through a sample application and discusses the purpose of a kinesis stream when processing data. A spring boot application is hosted in the AWS cloud and executes existing java code from kinesis stream events. I show how to build the entire solution from the ground up.

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