Rapid Prototyping Verifiable Software Architecture


Even the best engineers are limited by some human factors in their development process: most notably by incorrect estimation time and scope, or the wrong interpretation of the end goal of a product from a client’s description, and inefficient software architecture. Rapid Prototyping is a simple tool that can drastically reduce human factors errors in initial product design, both internally to a team and directly with a client. This process provides a discrete toolset for project managers to measure 1) maximum learning per min effort of a development team, and 2) how to make the initial product real enough for the client to feel. Lead developers learn how to prototype at 4 levels: context, containers, components, and code. From this demonstration, you’ll know how to introduce a working structure that streamlines client, management and developer communication – while reducing common pitfalls in early software development through a structured design process.

Sara Kimmich

Data Scientist, ATA, LLC.