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Daniel Steinberg

Author, and Trainer

Daniel is the author of more than a dozen books including the best selling books A SwiftUI Kickstart, A Swift Kickstart, and Dear Elena. He has written apps for the iPhone and the iPad since the SDKs first appeared and has written programs for the Mac all the way back to System 7. Daniel presents iPhone, Cocoa, and Swift training...
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James Ward

Developer Advocate, Google Cloud Platform

James Ward is a nerd / software developer who shares what he learns with others though presentations, blogs, demos, and code. After over two decades of professional programming, he is now a self-proclaimed Typed Pure Functional Programming zealot but often compromises on his ideals to just get stuff done. After spending too many sleepless nights in data centers repairing RAID...
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Martin Snyder

VP of Engineering, Pinnacle 21

Martin is a technology executive with extensive experience in the software industry that includes building and driving high-performance product development organizations. He is currently Vice President of Engineering at Pinnacle 21, which enables Life Sciences organizations to measure and improve the quality of their submission data. Prior to that, he spent much of his career as CTO of Wingspan Technology,...
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Nancy Coblens

OG Rebel & CEO, Rebel Role Model

Nancy Coblenz is the CEO of Rebel Role Model, a tactical consulting & implementation firm specializing in sales and marketing strategy, execution and revenue driving initiatives, specifically for high tech companies in ed-tech, robotics, augmented/virtual reality, genetic testing, IOT, smart infrastructure and automotive. In addition, her award winning digital media agency nurtures an online community built with end to end...
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Talk: Robotics, Augmented & Virtual Reality Will Make Us Human Again

Rob Napier

iOS Developer

Rob is co-author of iOS Programming Pushing the Limits, and maintainer of the RNCryptor encryption format. Before coming to Cocoa, he made his living sneaking into Chinese facilities in broad daylight. Then he was a Mac developer for Dell. Today, he shapes music over Bluetooth for Logitech, explores old ideas in new languages, and helps developers keep their products a...
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Sara Kimmich

Data Scientist, ATA, LLC.

Sara Kimmich is a cognitive scientist by training, and full-stack developer, data scientist and certified scrum master by trade. She focuses on building better-than-agile systems in the workplace. With experience leading teams ranging from small, co-located agile software teams to distributed online teams of nearly a thousand, she teaches practical and quantitative strategies for successful tech development. She cares about...
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Steve Boak

VP of Product Design, Datadog

Steve is the VP of Product Design at Datadog, the monitoring and analytics platform for developers, IT operations teams and business users in the cloud age. He’s been designing enterprise developer tools for the last 10 years, and was previously the co-founder and head of product at Opsee. He also co-hosted Don’t Make Me Code, a podcast on Developer Experience...
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