Adina Halter

About Adina Halter

Sr. Principal Engineering Architect for Accessibility, Comcast

Adina Halter is Sr. Principal Engineering Architect for Accessibility at Comcast
where she engineers innovative and aspirational science accessibility solutions to
ensure our customers with disabilities have the best possible home and
entertainment experience.

Adina started her career out of college as a 3D animator before moving into print
design and then web design and development. She then expanded into the
mobile and internet-of-things technology space. She is also a cross-product tech
innovator in the use of artificial intelligence. Additionally, Adina has a passion for
quantum computing.

Adina is an advocate for product development that delights users with differing
disabilities and maintains an open-source repository of accessible coding
solutions. She is a member of the W3C’s Web Accessibility Initiative Education
and Outreach working group and tweets, instructs, and speaks on coding,
accessibility, and women-in-tech issues.

Adina also served as co-lead for the Comcast MyAbilities Employee Resource
Group, which empowers employees with disabilities and equips their allies across
the company where she helped to double membership to over 1,000 members.