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Matthew Hanson

Geospatial Engineering Lead, Element 84

Matthew Hanson started studying photographic science in the early 1990’s, when traditional photography was being replaced with digital imaging. This led to further studies into remote sensing and digital image processing where he worked developing algorithms in registration, object detection and identification for government applications. In 2010 Matthew transitioned to working on earth science applications – climate change, biomass estimation, machine learning for agriculture, but most importantly he worked on making it easier for scientists to use remote sensing data so they could spend their time doing science, not software. For this, he started contributing to various Open Source projects for geospatial and remote sensing applications. In the last few years at Development Seed and now at Element 84, he has worked on backend cloud processing for both small satellites as well as NASA Earth Science projects. Most recently he has been working on standards to improve interoperability of geospatial data for cloud native applications.

Talk: Open Standards and Open Software for Geospatial Imagery