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About Various Speakers

Lightning Talks

The following speakers will be presenting 5-minute lightning talks at ETE.

Kevin Grainer

Consultant, Chariot Solutions

Kevin Grainer is a consultant for Chariot Solutions. Kevin has been programming enterprise systems since 1999. Kevin has been coding solutions with Spring since the 1.x days and still finds joy in building complex relational structures and matching Java beans. Kevin has worked on messaging applications for 15 years as an architect for large firms including UnitedHealth Group and Allergan.

Kevin has lived and worked primarily in the Philadelphia area, but has done travel jobs all over the US. Kevin lived in Southern California in Irvine for 5 years in the 2010s and now lives in the Philadelphia suburbs. Kevin has achieved the rank of 3rd Dan in Taekwondo and is a part time instructor teaching self-defense and traditional martial arts. Kevin also enjoys playing ice hockey in Oaks and Hatfield and enjoys spending time with his kids at the rink and the Dojang.

Kevin is spending his time building applications using cloud native architectures, but holds onto his love of Java and Spring. Kevin is very interested in new messaging infrastructure provided by cloud vendors. Kevin enjoys drawing diagrams and talking through them with other developers interested in messaging architectures.

Talk: Processing messages with Kinesis and Spring Cloud Stream

Jonathan Greacen

Senior Enterprise Architect, The Vanguard Group

Jon survived the dot-com bust of 2000, learning how to rebuild tech into a viable business model in the music/touring industry. That lesson taught him to focus on what he enjoys most about software development: the user experience.

After working closely with agencies to make products less of a ‘vision’ and more of an ‘experience,’ he is now applying those fundamentals to enterprise-level solutions.

Talk: TBD

Howie Ross

Director of Engineering, Linode

Howie is the Director of Engineering at Linode overseeing Product Development. He has been leading teams and building products for over 15 years.

He has worked at startups, agencies, and financial services companies building websites, apps, e-commerce systems, and more recently a cloud computing platforms.

Howie has also been a guest lecturer and speaker at Thomas Jefferson University, coding bootcamps, and conferences.
Howie holds a BS in Computer Science from Rutgers University and is a Certified Scrum Master.

Howie used to organize meetups, sit on philanthropic boards and have hobbies like brewing beer. Now, he’s very happily the father of twin 2-year-old boys and is very into coffee.

Talk: TBD

Talk: Lightning Talks